Monday, 30 June 2008

EIFF Winner: Good Dick- Review by Emma Lennox

Skillset New Director Award
Director: Marianna Palka
Screenwriter: Marianna Palka
Runtime: 86 mins

A video store clerk falling in love with his porn obsessed customer, doesn't nearly sum up this quirky, bemusing and overall original feature which is written, directed and starring the same wonder woman, Marianna Palka. Her unnamed character is a moody, bitter and mysterious woman who only ventures out into her home of LA to rent porn. Jason Ritter plays the unnamed love fool, who attempts to get to know her through dubious means. Tension is racked up between them with biting dialogue (“I don't like your face, you're disgusting to me,” “Well I know you find me attractive,” “Not at all.”) and physical, comedic performances. Even the video store diversions are filled out with rounded characters and entertaining banter with a male perspective including one video nerd's advice on finding the clitoris “it's the thing that looks like the flux capacitor”. Despite plenty of 'pussy' references, Good Dick never seems contrite, and is instead underpinned by a deeper psychological context; by turns a funny and disturbing view of sexual relations. Altogether a blistering and nuanced debut from Palka, Good Dick manages to be both edgy and warm hearted.

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