Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Glasgow Film Festival 2008!

The Glasgow Film Festival is just over a week away and the Montage team will be there to get the skinny on this years programme! The fourth edition of the festival kicks off on the 14th with the Gala Screening of the new film from Woody Allen, Cassandra's Dream. Then until the 24th you can catch new films from star guest John Sayles, Brian DePalma, and Michael Haneke, as well as a sizzling line up of documentaries and an exploration of the emerging cinema of the east from countries such as Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and the Czech Republic. Fancy a nostalgia trip? Then there's the Bette Davis restrospective. Zombie Strippers more your thing? Then FrightFest has a legion of them!

Enjoy your films, get home to your computer, log onto Montage and join the debate! We'll be covering a number of the films being screened so let us know what you think. Until the festival kicks off we'll have some news updates as well previews of some of the films we've already had the pleasure of seeing including Teeth, I Served The King of England, Honeydripper and Cassandra's Dream.

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