Monday, 26 November 2007

Trailer Trashes Christmas!

The holidays often bring out the best in people-and the worst in Hollywood. Here is the latest crop of tinsel-and-gingerbread cinema, ready to tantalize or make you throw up your turkey.


This looks very clever – merging post-Shrek fairy tale cheekiness with
the NYC culture-clash story. Disney's surely got a winner here, and
the talented Amy Adams looks like a star. I haven't been this
intrigued by a holiday film since Elf. I really want to take my
little sister to see this.

This does look like silly, holiday fun. If my little sister wasn't a cynical married woman who worked in the Canadian Federal Prisons system, I'd take her too.



Hey that creepy guy from American beauty. He’s still creepy. Luckily that girl he’s got the pervy hots for will fight him off and eventually kill him. He’ll probably survive for one last ‘scare’ and she’ll kill him again. In other words this trailer just saved us the bother actually watching the movie. Good job.

This one is also a time-saver, because who would want to see that? It looks awful.


A by the numbers trailer is rarely culled from an innovative film. Jump, jump, jump yawn. Looks like a rehash of a tired concept, and the festive link was obviously added by an accountant.

Fred Claus

Ho Ho Holly Hell indeed, Paul Giamatti! It looks like somebody ordered a cash cow for Christmas, and it's wrapped as tightly as Kevin Spacey's 'I said I'd never make another film but here I am again' smile. Throw in some fighting elves, a dance routine and some wise crackers and it's jingle jingle all the way to the bank.

You know what? Paul Giamatti is the attractive prospect here. Hollywood needs to tie a dollar bill to some fishing line and rig it up in front of a running treadmill to get Vince Vaughn back into watchable shape so that we never have to see him in a movie like this again. This is Tim Allen's territory. Or Billy Bob Thornton's. Bad Santa anyone?

Christmas in Wonderland:

Isn't it great watching oafish baddies falling all over themselves
trying to catch clever abandoned kids with lots of money? No? This
looks like Home Alone 3 set in a mall the size of Alberta. Can Swayze
save this…and is there anything Tim Curry won't do?

Raymond Cowsil:
Who waits until Christmas Eve to do all their shopping and Christmas preparations?

This Christmas:


Hey, it's Stringer Bell! That's the character Idris Elba plays in The Wire. The Wire is a great TV show that everyone should watch. This film, however looks like its one of those 'emotional' American sit coms that has been stretched into a feature. It's hard to tell from this confused trailer; it may be one of the better Christmas films amidst the festive shlock, or it may just be the Cosby Show on ice.

Raymond Cowsil:

A traditional, "family gets together for the holidays and emotional truths are revealed alongside the laughs" film. And yeah, that Dude from The Wire?! When is he going to open his mouth and shock the world with his South London drawl?

Mr Magorum’s Wonder Emporium:


Nanny McWonka? I really liked Zach Helms’ underrated debut Stranger than Fiction, but this looks prime bunkum rather than the work of the supposed “next Charlie Kaufman.”


This may actually be a funny and-in spite of it's glossy Hollywood finish-quirky film that I will go to see. But it could also be The Screenwriter Pretender's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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