Thursday, 9 August 2007

Trailer Trash: Be Kind Rewind, The Golden Compass & Shoot Em Up

Ever wanted to have a night at the movies with your favourite Montage writers? No, I didn’t think so, but if you did you’d have to suffer through the trailer trash. That’s right, we’re pretty vocal, be it with delight or discontent, when it comes to the coming soon reel. So this week, come on down and take a seat next to Robert, Emma and Carmody as they talk trailers. And yes, we really are this pithy when we talk. Honest.

Robert says: This does what every great trailer should: completely convince you to see it. Jack Black has been living on his comedy overdraft in recent years, churning out some dross as we all waited for him to recapture the glory of his turn as Barry in High Fidelity. Turns out he just needed to be working with one of the finest directors of the times. When I heard the wonderful Michel Gondry was making a film with the patchy Black and that this was the premise I rolled my eyes. It sounded like a sketch movie, with potential laughs but no real story, some kind of art house Scary Movie god forbid. Thankfully though, it looks like my fears were unfounded. Finally, Be Kind Rewind looks to be a project worthy of the manic energy of Black and it’s also another welcome addition to the zany oeuvre of Gondry. His Eternal Sunshine and Science of Sleep are two of the best films of recent years, and now I’m very excited about seeing him tackle a project that is at outright comedy. Trouble with comedies is they often give you all the best gags in the trailer, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until December. For guaranteed laughs, who ya gonna call?

Emma says: In 2001, as New Line love to remind us, the company produced the biggest trilogy since blockbusters began with Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. Yet the cute trick at the beginning of this teaser trailer for the first of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials adaptations is a little cheap. What the marketers are implying is that production wise, The Golden Compass is going to be as dramatic, epic and grandiose as Frodo's hairy feet. Yet had they read the books, they would realise that symbolically the ring and the compass are as opposing as the Shire and Mordor, or daemons and spectres or chalk and cheese for those of you not clued in on the fantasy talk. For the most exciting component of this dark creation isn't the armoured bears, or the flying witches or even Daniel Craig's blue, blue eyes; it's the subversive, anti-authority ideology. It has been rumoured that New Line have curtailed the anti religious sentiment in the screenplay and if this is true then they may have hamstrung their own innovative ethos. The trailer has all the spectacular shots in what looks to be a 90% computer generated film but does this really impress anymore? After Lord of the Rings, battle ready fantasies such as King Arthur and The Chronicles of Narnia impaled themselves with effects and wizardry in myth-tastic overkill. Conversely New Line may be better disassociating itself from former glories and focusing on what is truly thrilling about His Dark Materials; originality.

Carmody says: Jesus Christ I hate Paul Giamatti.

Well, there you have it, and just like a trailer, you never know what you're gonna get! See you next time when more Montage writers talk Trailer Trash!

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